Charlotte's Story...


The Lady. When you walk through the doors of Charlotte's Restaurant, you step back to a gentler time. A time of Victorian values and turn-of-the-century hospitality. Gus Costalas created Charlotte's Restaurant as a tribute to the loving memory of his mother, Charlotte Katherine Costalas.

Born in 1913, Charlotte was raised on a Pennsylvania farm with 12 brothers and sisters by her Polish immigrant parents. As a young lady, she moved to Philadelphia and brought her heritage of delicious family recipes with her as she entered the restaurant business.

Today, Charlotte's Restaurant holds true to the style and grace of that wonderful lady. From the Victorian theme, to her private collection of crystal and paintings, it's all Charlotte. And the tradition is being carried on by Gus' sons, Chris and Jim. So from our family to yours, the Costalas Family bids you welcome and enjoy!