Charlotte's Banquet and Catering Menu & Information

Please review this page or refer to the information in it when calling to discuss your event.

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General Information

Final Count
Please have banquet menu made at least one week in advance, and final counts made within three working days prior to the event.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure space at the time of booking. Please consult with your Sales Manager for the required amount and method of payment. For parties lager than 50 guests, the deposit is $200.

Prices quoted do not include the 6% sales tax and the 20% gratuity. An additional charge of 5% will be added to credit card payments. Menu prices are subject to change without advance notice. There is an additional charge of $50.00 to set up the dance floor.

Charlotte's Restaurant shall not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or article brought into the restaurant. Charlotte's Restaurant will not be held responsible for items left unattended in a banquet room.

Absolutely no baked goods or beverages from outside are allowed. Please consult your sales manager for cake, pastry, and beverage pricing.

 Assorted Standard Hot & Cold Hors d' oeuvres

$1.00 per piece, 100 piece minimum, please choose up to eight (8) selections.

  • Cajun Chicken Tenders
  • Mini Grilled Rueben
  • Sesame Chicken Tenders
  • Assorted Mini Quiche
  • Breaded Baby Shrimp
  • Franks in Blankets
  • Mozzarella Pizza
  • Tomato & Basil Bruschetta
  • Mini Egg Rolls
  • Melon and Proscuitto
  • Fried Mushroom Caps      
  • Breaded Chicken Tenders

Specialty Hors d'oeuvres

Prices as quoted are for twenty five (25) pieces, with the exception of Raw Bar items, which are quoted per piece. Hot and Cold

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps                $60.00

Mini Charlotte's Crab Cakes                   $60.00

Baked Clams Casino on half shell          $60.00

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta                    $40.00

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon                   $70.00

Fried Calamari  (20 guests)                    $50.00

Raw Oysters on the Shell                      $1.25 each

Classic Shrimp Lejon                             $70.00

Steamed Shrimp Cocktail                       $3.00 each

Clams on the Shell                                $1.00 each

Sausage in Puff Pastry                           $40.00   

Fried Deviled Crab Balls                         $50.00

Display Platters


Smoked Salmon Platter, Toasted French Bread & Classic Garnish     $85.00

Smoken Salmon Platter

Smoken Salmon Platter

Assorted Cheese with Fresh Seasonal Fruit

(Serves 25-35)   $45.00

(Serves 35-45)    $55.00

(Serves 45-55)    $65.00

Fresh Vegetables with Assorted Dips

(Serves25-35)   $30.00

(Serves 35-45)   $40.00

(Serves 45-50)   $45.00

Luncheon Banquet Menu

Entrees Include a Soup Du Jour, Tossed Garden Salad, French Dinner Rolls, Potato and Vegetable, Coffee or Hot Tea and Dessert. Please add 6% Sales Tax and 20% Gratuity.

(Choose Two or Three Choices From Selections Below)

  • Pasta Primavera or Grilled Vegetable Platter... $16.95
  • Spinach and Cheese Ravioli or Tri-Color Cheese Tortellini Sauce Aurora and Basil (comp)... $15.95
  • Traditional Rolled Chicken Cordon Blue, Wild Mushroom Sauce... $16.95
  • Hand Breaded Chicken Cutlet Parmesan with Linguini Marinara... $15.95
  • Old Fashioned Pot Roast of Beef, Garden Vegetable Sauce... $17.95
  • Francaise Style Chicken Breast, White Wine, Lemon, Butter, and Capers... $16.95
  • Sauteed Boneless Chicken Medallions, Wild Mushroom and Cognac Sauce... $16.95
  • Broiled Certified Black Angus Filet Mignon, Beaujolaise Sauce... $21.95
  • Francaise Style Veal Medallions, Lemon, Butter and Caper Sauce... $18.95
  • Sauteed Veal Medallions, Shitake, Portabella Mushroom and Cognac Sauce... $18.95
  • Hand Breaded Milk Fed Veal Cutlet Parmesan with Linguini Marinara... $17.95
  • Broiled Alaskan Scrod Fillet, Shrimp, Scallop and Mushroom Newburg Sauce... $16.95
  • Broiled Fluke Flounder Fillet, Tomato and Lemon Garnish, Maitre D'Hotel... $18.95
  • Broiled Canadian Salmon Fillet, Fresh Dill Beurre Blanc... $18.95
  • Tilapia Fillet Calabrese, Assorted Olives, Tomatoes, Capers and Scampi Sauce... $17.95
  • Charlotte's Signature Crab Cake, Champagne Lobster Sauce  (Shrimp and Scallop Mousse with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat)... $19.95

Light Fare Luncheon Banquet

All light fare lunches are served with French Dinner Rolls, Coffee or Hot Tea and Choice of Vanilla Ice Cream, Orange Sherbet, Rice Pudding, Assorted Cookies or Homemade Chocolate Mousse

Home Made Quiche  $14.95
Tossed Fresh Garden Salad and Quiche Lorraine with Fresh Fruit Garnish (Other Choices Available)

Seafood Patty Shell  $15.95
Tossed Fresh Garden Salad and Shrimp, Scallops and Kennett Square Mushrooms.  Served in Puffed Pastry Shell, Champagne Lobster Sauce

Stuffed Chicken Crepes  $14.95
Tossed Fresh Garden Salad and Crepes Stuffed with Chicken, Mushroom and Asparagus, topped with Swiss Cheese.

Chicken Caesar Salad  $15.95
Cup of soup du jour, grilled chicken breasts over Romaine lettuce with classic Caesar dressing, grated cheese, and homemade croutons

Charlotte's Crab Melt  $16.95
Tossed fresh garden salad, open faced jumbo crabmeat baked on white bread with American cheese and fresh fruit

Croissant Sandwiches  $14.95
(please choose 1 from following - each includes Soup Du Jour)

  • Chicken Salad with Roasted Peppers and Walnuts
  • Tuna Salad, Lettuce and Tomato
  • Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato and Bacon
  • Shrimp Salad, Lettuce and Tomato - Add $1

- Served with a Fresh Fruit Garnish

Traditional Chef Salad   $15.95
Cup of Soup Du Jour, Roasted Turkey, Imported Ham, Swiss Cheese, Tomatoes, Egg, Stringbeans, Black Olives, and Bacon, Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

Lunch and Dinner Buffet Menu

Lunch $18.95 - Dinner $24.95

Buffet requires a minimum of 30 guests

Dinner Buffet includes Soup du Jour or (Fresh Fruit Cup for Dinner Only), Tossed Garden Salad, Home Made Rolls and Butter, Coffee or Tea, and Desert.

Please add 6% Sales Tax and 20% Gratuity.

Select one Choice form each Category: 

Buffet includes:
A . Old Fashioned Pot Roast of Beef, Vegetable Sauce; Baked Sugar Cured Virginia Ham, Pineapple Sauce; Sweet Italian Sausage Scallopini

B.  Chicken with a White Wine, Lemon Butter Sauce; Chicken with Wild Mushroom and Cognac Sauce; Hand Breaded Chicken Parmesan, Rich Tomato Sauce

C.  Shrimp, Scallops & Mushroom Newburg Sauce; Sweet Panamanian Shrimp Creole; Baked Alaskan Scrod with Seasoned Crumbs; Charlotte's Famous Crab Cakes ($4.00 extra per person) 

D.  Cheese Tortellini with Proscuitto, Peas and Alfredo Sauce; Penne Pasta with Fresh Tomato & Basil sauce; Eggplant Parmigiana; Spinach and Cheese Ravioli, Sauce Aurora and Basil

Please Choose Two of the Following:

Stringbeans Almondine, Vegetable Medley, Rice Pilaf ala Greco, Roasted Potatoes, Whipped Potatoes, or Mushrooms & Zucchini 
The first two courses of the meal will be served to your guests at the table. Afterwards, each table will be assigned a number and proceed to the buffet table in that order.

Dinner Banquet Menu

Includes Soup Du Jour, Fruit Cup or Penne Marinara (Choose 1), Tossed Garden Salad, Potato and Vegetable, Coffee or Hot Tea and Dessert.

Please add 6% Sales Tax and 20% Gratuity

Please Choose Two or Three Entrees from Below:

  • Pasta Primavera or Grilled vegetable Platter... $19.95
  • Spinach and Cheese Ravioli or Tri-color Cheese Tortellini, Sauce Aurora and Basil (comp)... $19.95
  • Chicken Charlotte topped with Shrimp, Spinach, Fontina and White Wine Sauce... $22.95
  •  Old Fashioned Pot Roast of Beef, Garden Vegetable Sauce... $21.95
  • (Chicken Piccante) or (Chicken Parmesan) or (Chicken Wild Mushroom Sauce)... $21.95
  • Hand Breaded Milk Fed Veal Parmesan with Linguini Marinara... $25.95
  • Broiled Black Angus 10 oz Filet Mignon, Beaujolaise Sauce... $28.95 
  • Roasted 30 Day Aged Black Angus Prime Rib, Au Jus... $29.95
  •  Sauteed Veal Medallions (Wild Mushroom Sauce) or (Piccante Francaise Style)... $26.95
  • Stuffed Jumbo Panamanian Shrimp, Maryland Style Jumbo Crab Imperial... $26.95
  • Charlotte's Famous Crab Cake, Champagne Lobster Sauce (Shrimp and Scallop Mousse with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat)... $26.95
  • Broiled St. Peters Fish (Tilapia) with Shrimp, Scallops and Newburg Sauce... $24.95
  • Potato Crusted Canadian Salmon Fillet, Fresh Dill Beurre Blanc... $24.95 
  • Stuffed Fluke Flounder Fillet, Maryland Style Jumbo Crab Imperial... $26.95
  • Maryland Crab Cakes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Spinach and Lobster Drizzle... $26.95
  • Home Made Lobster Ravioli, Baby Shrimp & Mushroom Newburg Sauce (comp)... $21.95



  • Cream of Leek and Potato
  • Escarole Meatball
  • Minestrone D'Italiano
  • Chicken Noodle 
  • Cream of Mushroom
  • Cream of Chicken Rice
  • Cream of Broccoli
  • Garden Vegetable Orzo
  • Classic Lobster Bisque ($2.00 extra)
  • Boston Clam Chowder ($1.00 extra)


  • Tossed Fresh Garden Salad
  • Classic Caesar Salad ($1.00 extra)
  • Baby Spinach Salad with Bacon, Egg and Ranch Dressing ($1.00 extra)


  • Steamed Garden Vegetable Medley
  • Whole Stringbeans Almondine 
  • Steamed Asparagus ($2.00 extra)
  • Fresh Spinach Flan ($1.00 extra)


  • Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes
  • Rice Pilaf Ala Greco
  • Baked Idaho Potato (Dinner Only)
  • Creamy Whipped Potatoes
  • Baked Stuffed Potato ($1.00 extra)

Desserts (Please Choose 1)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce
  • Rice Pudding, Whipped Cream
  • Home Made Chocolate Mousse
  • New York Cheese Cake ($3.00 extra)

Children Under 12

$12.95 Lunch and 14.95 Dinner

Includes French Fries and a Soft Beverage

Beverage Packages

Open Bar (minimum 4 hours)

Full bar service.

$8.00 per person for the first hour.

$6.00 per person for each additional hour.

Beer, Wine & Soda Table

A custom assortment of beer, wine and soft drinks.

$8.95 per generous 60oz. pitcher of soda or iced tea.

$14.95 per chilled 60 oz. pitcher of beer and $18.95 Imported

$22.95 per carafe of  Burgundy, Chablis, or Zinfandel

$26.95 per carafe of Chardonnay, Merlot or Cabernet  

$28.95 per carafe of Pinot Grigio

Tab Bar

Alcohol and Soft Drinks will be charged as consumed to the host's tab.

Cash Bar

Each guest is responsible for purchasing his or her own beverage. Uniformed servers will butler cocktails and soft drinks to the Banquet Room for those guests who wish to purchase a drink.